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Group Golf Planning in Paradise Valley

Mountain Shadows - Friday, February 12, 2010
Group golf planning can often be a daunting prospect, but it does not have to be. With a little organization and forethought, a group golf outing can be not only fun for the participants but also for the organizer. The first step in group golf planning is deciding which venue you will be hosting your event at. Locate a course that meets all of your needs and that will provide an enjoyable, challenging course for your participants. The second step in group golf planning is to communicate with the golf course staff what your needs will be and what they should expect from you and your group. If you will want to host a luncheon or an awards ceremony at the end of your round, let the staff know and they can assist you in setting it up.

              Once you have determined where you will be hosting your event, the next step in group golf planning is to estimate the number of players you anticipate. This will help to determine which day of the week will work best for your event. It is easier to reserve large blocks of time on a course during the week, but if your golf group is smaller the weekend may work fine.

              The final step in group golf planning is determining the level of prize support you will have, if any. Will you be giving away any type of performance based awards such as lowest score, closest to the hole, or lowest group average? If so then it is essential to set up this prize support in advance and let the participants know about it in order to build anticipation. If any type of sponsorships are required then make sure to establish them well in advance. If your group golf plan is simply for fun and is not competitive, then this last step is not necessary. But in both cases, group golf planning requires that you make sure that all participants know where to show up and when the event begins. By following these easy steps you will ensure a smooth running, and enjoyable day on the links.  Click here to learn more about Mission Royale's  Group Golf Planning services.