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Master Pitching and Chipping To Improve Your Golf Game

Mountain Shadows - Friday, March 09, 2012
Of course, only dedicated practice can help you become a better short-game player, but if you master the key elements of pitching and chipping, you'll discover an immediate improvement in your scores.

One element is to address the golf ball with a slightly open stance in relation to your intended target line and position the golf ball off of your front heel. Keep your weight on your heels for balance and your hands even with the ball (no need to forward-press). The takeaway should be in one piece, with the shoulders, arms, hands and club head moving together for the first 18 inches of the backswing. Your wrists should hinge soon after this point.

During the downswing, it's essential that you move your back knee toward the front knee as you transfer your weight to the right side (for right-handed golfers). At impact, your weight should be distributed evenly to both sides. The mental image of two cymbals placed on the inside of both knees clanging at the point of contact is one that helps many of my students attain a solid pitch impact position.
If you're having problems in any area of your golf game, don't hesitate to give the golf shop a call @ 480-905-8999 to schedule a golf lesson.

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