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Daily Fee Courses in Scottsdale

Mountain Shadows - Friday, February 05, 2010
Tired of paying exorbitant club fees? In these economic times a more accurate question would be: who isn’t tired of paying those outrageous club fees? The simple solution to this quandary if you live in Arizona is to look for daily fee courses in Scottsdale. They are easier to find than you think. Scottsdale has a wonderful selection of golf courses that charge their clients a lower, per game fee as opposed to a monthly or annual membership fee. The Mountain Shadows Country Club is a perfect example of this type of course.

The question that most often comes up in regards to daily fee courses in the Scottsdale area is: will you be losing out on quality if you choose to play at these locations? The resounding answer to that question is no. By saving money on staff and the frivolous clubhouse experience, these courses can focus their resources on providing the best golf experience for their discerning clientele. They then pass those savings on to you, the golfer. If you value a challenging, expertly maintained course over an opulent clubhouse scene, then these may be the right choice for you. Why pay an annual fee to then pay for overpriced food and drinks in a clubhouse? A serious golfer pays to play golf, and a smart golfer pays only for the golf course, not for all the side shows.

Come and experience what daily fee courses in Scottsdale have to offer. Set in the beautiful Arizona landscape, eighteen holes here will provide for an experience you will never forget. The Grand Canyon State is known for its beautiful, sunny days, and vast blue skies. A day spent soaking that all in while enjoying a round with friends is what the game is all about. To do that and save money, well, what more could any golfer ask for? Come experience the Mountain Shadows Golf Club country club atmosphere for public course prices.
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